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ASLD Chair -- Job Description

TITLE: Academic and Special Librarian Division Chair

MISSION STATEMENT: To promote communication and cooperation among academic and special libraries in Montana and to provide continuing education for members of the division.


  1. Strengthen the operation of the ASLD to better serve its members and accomplish its mission.Objective A. The division chair, with assistance from committee chairs, will maintain a manual of division procedures.
  2. Improve communication among members of ASLD, from the Montana Library Association (MLA) Board of Directors to the members of the ASLD, and to the membership of MLA.Objective A. The division chair will inform members about MLA Board actions and other MLA activities and ASLD activities as needed through FOCUS and email contact.Objective B. The division chair will support the “state of the Association” report to be given annually by the MLA President.Objective C. The division chair will invite the MLA President to give a brief
    presentation at the annual business meeting of the division.Objective D. An email distribution list will be created to facilitate ASLD communications.

    Objective E. The division chair will maintain up-to-date information regarding the ASLD on the Montana Library Association homepage.

  3. Maintain quality continuing education opportunities for members of the ASLD.Objective A. The division will continue to hold fall retreats which will provide an opportunity for continuing education.Objective B. The Conference committee will be responsible for scheduling time at the annual MLA conference, including the ASLD business meeting.
  4. Improve continuity from one year’s ASLD operations to the next.Objective A. To ensure continuity in division operations, the incoming division chair will meet with the outgoing chair and the vice chair/chair-elect as soon after the annual conference as possible to discuss plans for the coming year.Objective B: The chair will start an electronic file of information and forms to be passed to the next chair.
  5. Increase member involvement in ASLD activities, especially committee assignments.Objective A. The division shall maintain the following standing committees:-Bylaws Committee: to annually review the division bylaws and procedure manual and to make recommendations for changes as needed.
    -Conference Committee: to plan and implement non-continuing education division events or programs at the annual conference, such as a roundtable/idea exchange program or a social event; to communicate division concerns regarding conference scheduling to the MLA Conference Program Chair.
    -Nominations Committee: to nominate candidates for division offices and conduct the annual election.
    -Publicity Committee: to publicize newsworthy activities and events of concern to division members both internally and externally.
    -Retreat Committee: to plan and implement the division’s fall retreat.
    -Significant Tidings: (or Call For Papers) to encourage an annual conference forum sponsored by ASLD for those wishing to present their library ideas, projects, or grant developments in 15-20 minute sessions.
    -Strategic Planning Committee: to annually review and evaluate the effectiveness of the division’s long-range strategic plan and to make recommendations for changes as needed.Objective B. The division chair will work with the PR committee to develop a campaign to get more eligible members involved in the division
  6. Continue efforts to recruit new members.Objective A. The division chair will work with the PR committee on a recruitment campaign.

TIMELINE: All projects are ongoing, but shall be completed, or at least implemented, by April of 2002.


  1. 1. Plan and preside over division meetings.
  2. Communicate with division members.
  3. Appoint committees and provide same with charge.
  4. Serve on MLA Executive Board (usually 3 meetings/year).
  5. Submit division budget request to MLA Board.
  6. Responsible for division budget expenditures.
  7. Prepare and submit annual report of division to MLA Board (Note: Vice-Chair will serve in the absence of Chair; is responsible for division policy; and serves on the Nominating Committee of MLA. The Secretary is responsible for records of all meetings and correspondence of the division).


  • April 30 Records transmitted from outgoing Chair
  • May 1 Assume office; prepare budget (due in July)
  • Summer
    • Ensure committees are organized and operating
    • Ensure Chair-Elect has information to get publicity out
    • Ensure division is providing input into MLA conference planning.
    • Get duplicate copies of program proposals for monitoring/input.
    • Keep in touch with Planning Committee, attend meetings if possible.
  • Attend Board meetings–fall, winter, pre and post conference (expenses are reimbursed by MLA). Solicit input from division members and report relevant activities and concerns.
  • Fall Retreat organization (business meeting at retreat)
  • Feb.-March Chair-Elect gets nominations and holds elections (make sure this is done)
  • March Pre-conference communication to division
  • Continuing Maintain contact with committee chairs as needed
  • Organize conference program
    • Keep in touch with Conference Planning Committee
    • Arrange division dinner, book conference time
    • Arrange breakfast/business meeting, book conference time
    • Ensure that Call For Papers session is underway
  • Report to MLA President
  • Lead business meeting at conference
  • Thank committee members
  • Prepare annual report
  • Turn over all relevant materials to new Chair



RETREAT BUDGET: $self-supporting


Updated September 27, 2002

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